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Fascia Replacement in Seaford | Felt Roofing and All Roof Repairs | What Makes Roof Inspections So Important?

When was the last time a professional roofing company inspected your Seaford property’s roof? Be it a home or workplace, if you own a property of any kind, maintenance is simply a part of life. All types of buildings are an investment, so regular upkeep ensures the value of yours continues to grow, primarily through maintaining a good condition and optimal performance. However, it’s fairly common for pitched and flat roofing care to become an afterthought. It takes an effort to even see roofs, let alone inspect them.

But without a proactive approach to roof inspections, you increase the chances of facing bigger, more disruptive and more expensive roof repairs. This is as true for felt roofing as it is slates and tiles – and don’t forget soffit and fascia replacements around your roofline too.

As genuine experts in the most popular forms of pitched and flat roofing, we’re perfectly placed to outline how important it is to have your roof inspected on a semi-regular basis. Below, we have outlined why.

Our Roofing Company’s Guide to Roof Inspections

Why are roof inspections so important?

Put simply, a roofing inspection is the most effective way to diagnose any issues with the roof over your Seaford property. More importantly, it does so long before an emergency situation arises. Ongoing checks allow us to monitor how much your roof covering has degraded, if at all, since the previous inspection. 

Of course, to some extent, you can carry out an inspection yourself. However, we only advise doing so if you can guarantee your own safety. For example, checking felt roofing on a shed, or flat roofing on a single-storey extension, is easier than climbing up to your property’s main roof.

Naturally, having our roofing company undertake the inspection makes a better solution. With our decades of expertise, we can identify even the smallest signs of deterioration and damage.

With our comprehensive information, we can recommend the most effective roof repairs, including work like soffit and fascia replacements.

This proactive approach lowers the risk of major damage and subsequent disruption. You also maximise your initial investment in the roof itself by prolonging its lifespan.

How often should I have my roof inspected?

No two roofs in the Seaford area are the same, so there’s no universal answer for this question. For example, if your roof is 20 years old or more, it’s far more susceptible to damage than a newer one. In turn, this means you will likely need to invest in significant roof repairs, or even a completely new roof, sooner rather than later.

Generally speaking, though, our roofing company advises having an inspection at least once a year. For added peace of mind with older slate, tile, EPDM, GRP or felt roofing, increase this to twice annually.

When should I have my roof inspected?

If you decide to have one inspection per year, the best time for this service is in early autumn. The weather will still be relatively calm, and the temperatures won’t drop off for a while yet. What’s more, if our inspection does uncover any concerns, there is plenty of time to carry out roof repairs, or soffit and fascia replacements, before the conditions turn. New pitched and flat roofing materials are also more likely to settle in warmer temperatures.

If you plan to have two inspections every year, schedule the other one for spring. This allows us to look over your roof when winter has passed, giving us an immediate insight into any damage that might have occurred during the colder months.

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