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Roof Repairs in Lewes | From Fascia Replacement to New Flat Roofing: How We Provide Complete Roof Care

Do you want a single roofing company to manage all your property’s roof-related needs in Lewes or the neighbouring areas? At ABF Roofing, we offer a full range of services designed to keep your roof looking its best, fully functional and, most importantly, watertight. Backed by decades of trade experience, our team are experts in the most popular types of pitched and flat roofing. The latter includes EPDM rubber, GRP fibreglass and torch-on felt roofing. You can rely on us for new installations, roof repairs, soffit and fascia replacement and more.

When you discover an issue with your roof, you understandably want a rapid solution. The last thing you need, especially in an emergency, is having to research local roofers to try and find the perfect balance of reputation, credentials and range of services.

With our roofing company, you have one less thing to worry about. In addition to our many services, outstanding reputation and industry-leading credentials, we also offer a 24/7 emergency callout service. We provide complete roof care in every eventuality. Below, we look at how.

Covering Your Pitched and Flat Roofing Needs

Minor and Major Work

From Lewes to locations across the country, pitched and flat roofs come in all shapes and sizes. With roofing materials ranging from slate and tiles to EPDM rubber and torch-on felt roofing, it takes an array of services to keep roofs in good condition. Of course, these cover small fixes, large-scale roof repairs and everything in between. You can rest assured, the team at ABF Roofing covers every eventuality.We replace the odd slate or tile that has fallen, slipped or cracked.

We can detect small leaks and carry out soffit and fascia replacements.

At the larger end of the scale, our roofing company performs full and partial reroofing as well as brand-new roof installations. With expertise in jobs of all sizes in the domestic and commercial sectors, there’s no need we can’t meet.

Pitched and Flat Roofing

It’s relatively likely that your Lewes home has both a pitched roof as well as flat-roofed structures. The former usually represents the main roof over your head, while the latter can come in various forms, such as extensions, porches, garages and outbuildings.

If you have this combination of roofs, having a roofing company you can rely on to maintain and repair them all is convenient and efficient. It will also reduce stress in the event of an emergency too.

Should you own or manage a commercial property, there’s a good chance that it will only have a flat roof, although pitched roofs aren’t unheard of.

Whether you have tiles on a pitched structure or felt roofing over a flat-roofed outbuilding, you can rely on us for all your roof repairs, installations, replacements and upgrades.

Gutters, Fascias and Soffits

When was the last time your Lewes property had a soffit or fascia replacement? Are your gutters in good working order? Your roofline products ensure that excess water drains away from the roofing area without delay. The sooner it’s gone, the less likely it is to cause damage.

However, a partial blockage in your gutters can slow the rate of drainage. A crack can cause water to flow down the side of your home. Likewise, cracks in your fascias and soffits allow water to ingress to the loft. Once inside, it can cause serious damage to the timberwork. If unchecked, this can ultimately lead to major roof repairs.

For complete care of your pitched and flat roofing, we are the only roofing company you will ever need.

Call 07540 928891 for more information about roof repairs, fascia replacements or any of the other services we provide in Lewes and the surrounding areas.